Gcse dance coursework

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Aqa dance gcse dance

7 May 2018 Coursework deadline for GCSE Dance NEA (8236/C) Schools and colleges may set their own internal deadlines; 19 June 2018 Exam for GCSE Dance (new) (8236/W) Series: June 2018. We tell schools and colleges who their Coursework Adviser is at the standardisation meetings. Coursework Advisers are subject experts and the best person to contact with questions about coursework. If you don't know who your adviser is, please email aqadance@aqa.GCSE Dance for certification from June 2014 onwards (version 1. How do I start using this specification? 4. How can I find out more? 4. Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance – written . Dance: I enjoy dance and it involves coursework meaning I get some of the work out the way as with the new gcse there is no coursework other than for practical subjects. The thing I am worried about with dance is that I haven't always been amazing at dance in school as I do street dance outside of school.This workbook focuses on revision for the final written paper for AQA GSCE Performing Arts: Dance. Ideally you should use it alongside the AQA GCSE Performing Arts: Dance textbook and the AQA GCSE Performing Arts: Dance: Coursework Topics workbook (also published by Philip Allan.Written paper: 1 hour 20%; Practical Examination – Performance of a set study of 1 – 1½ minutes: 20%; Coursework: 60%; Performance of a duo/group dance 2½ – 3 minutes: 20%; Choreography of a dance solo 1 – 1½ minutes and a solo or group dance 2 – 2½ minutes: 40%. GCSE Dance is an excellent option for male .-Preparation, Performance & Production Group Performance (coursework). Course Outline: Weightings: - 60% practical. - 60% non-examined assessment (NEA) – Ofqual regulation for GCSE Dance. Students will answer questions relating to the GCSE Dance anthology. AQA GCSE Dance – Links to the Subject Specification. Choreography: • Exploring and synthesising ideas, thoughts and meaning through movement. • The use and selection of actions, dynamics, space and relationships to convey artistic intention. • The use of various choreographic  .Several talented students who are being assessed for dance in GCSE PE had the opportunity to work with a professional dancer in Enrichment. They choreographed a lyrical contemporary piece based that will form part of their coursework for GCSE PE. The dancers also performed the piece at the Academy Awards evening . Rules, regulations and guidance for GCSEs graded 9 to 1.

You've sort of weighed the pros and cons of each jus depends whether your okay with another academic subject and having more revision or choosing a lighter subject but making sure you as good as your group mates. The address to return the form to AQA is on the form. I was going to take geography from the start however my mum advised that I needed a lighter subject so I thought dance. Or is it that I should take the subject I am good at but involves lots of revising?! Tbh for geography from the get go if you stay in top of your work it's much less revising when it comes down to it.

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